Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where is She?......> Sole

While sniffing around on Youtube I ran into some old videos of Sole's. I had totally forgotten about her. I remember back when my uncle who worked at a record label use to send me cds all the time. When he sent me Sole's cd, I was automatically a fan. Her album, Skin Deep was the shit from the beginning to end. I couldn't stop playing it. I remember after a few years of playing that cd out I was online searching and searching hoping that Sole' would return. She use to have a fan site that I would log onto frequently but, I can't find it now. Over the years I had learned that she married the singer Ginuwine. They're still married now with 2 children together, and also 3 others from previous relationships. Today, I read on Wikipedia that Sole has renounced her raunchy image as well as her name. She currently takes care of her family, runs an interior decorating firm, and also volunteers around the Maryland/DC/VA area speaking to women. She stated that if she was to return to the music industry that she would make music that glorifies the Lord. So I'm guessing that she isn't going to come back anytime soon and if she does she won't be making any music that her previous fans would hope for.

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