Saturday, August 9, 2008

Official Home of the Femcees Are Accepting Submissions

The Official Home of the Femcees are now accepting submissions for the next mixtape. This time, it will even more so focus on NEW, YOUNG female emcee talent. Keep in mind, you must put your best foot forward. Any wack tracks will be ignored. Also, make sure your submissions are of good, CD quality. The deadline for submissions is AUGUST 15, 2008 AT 11:59 PM. This is soooo important because so many nice femcees have missed making previous mixtapes due to missing the deadlines.August 15th is about one week away, so there is plenty of time to make it!

Guidlines for submission:

Music submissions must be at least 170 kbps for an mp3, 128 kbps for a wma, or a link to a CD quality .wav file.

This mixtape is for new & up coming femcees only. In other words, if you released a mainstream/major album before (not mixtapes, street, or underground albums), then you are not eligible. This is for new female Hip-Hop artists only.

Agre requirement- 12 to 32. Yes, even femcees as young as 12 can apply!

Beats can be popular or original.

And of course, and you all know this, the rhyme you spit must be something YOU wrote!

Email for submission: Make sure you put "FEMCEE MIXTAPE SUBMISSION" in the subject area. The email should contain the mp3/wma/wav submission, a photo, audo drop (if possible), and your Myspace page.

PS: We CANNOT stress this enough- AUGUST 15, 2008 AT 11:59 PM IS THE DEADLINE!!!

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