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M.I.A. On the Tavis Smiley Show Tonight

Don't miss M.I.A. tonight on the Tavis Smiley Show!Airs at 7pm and 11pm PT/12am ET on PBS(check local listings).

Chuck B-More Gushes to All Hip Hop About Big

By kathy iandoli

Catch up...Charli Baltimore: The B.I.G. Picture, Pt. 1 They show in Notorious Biggie building the character of Lil’ Kim. How instrumental was Biggie in the building of Charli Baltimore?

Charli Baltimore: I’ve always been me. My style is my style. I guess that’s why Big liked me. Big would come to me for advice about Kim. He was building an artist. As far as I was concerned, I never really had the chance because Big passed before we were able to capitalize or move forward with The Commission, which was our group. As far as [Kim’s] style is concerned, I don’t think you can make somebody an anything. He definitely asked me my advice like what do you think about Kim and how should I approach this and that. I always offered my input. At the end of the day, she still came out the way she came out. The VIBE article that recently came out talks about how Kim had a problem with this film; she didn’t like how she was portrayed. In the film, she’s a really sympathetic character because she’s getting thrown around the soundbooth by Big, and she’s crying like, “Why doesn’t he love me?” Another thing that she had a problem with was Naturi Naughton being too dark and how she wanted Christina Milian to portray her because she felt it was more accurate.

Charli Baltimore: Wanted Christina Milian to portray her as Lil’ Kim? I wasn’t aware they were the same complexion [laughs]. Again I didn’t see the movie but last I checked, well I don’t know what color she is right now, but she was brown-skinned. Maybe she’s light-skinned now. I don’t know. People change skin tones in this day and age. I can’t see Christina Milian portraying Lil Kim. That’s not…that seems really weird to me, but you know, to each his own. They showed some violent scenes between Lil’ Kim and Big. Did you witness any of that?

Charli Baltimore: The only violence I ever saw was a situation where Big and I were together on the bus and my clothes were strewn all over the bus and I couldn’t figure out why…I didn’t know what was going on at the time. I said, “Why are my clothes all over the bus like this? They were folded up nice and neat.” We were in the back of the bus and I walked off the bus and when I was coming back on…Kim was getting kicked off the bus…foot to her butt, onto the ground. She had rummaged through my clothing, Big was upset about it and he kicked her on the butt off the bus. That was the only violence I’ve ever seen between them.

I mean he’s never touched me on a physical level of any sort, so I don’t know. But like I said, it was a while before I knew they had a personal relationship. We were in videos and everything together, Kim and I. We spoke, we had conversations and everything. Things got a little out of hand towards the end, but it was never anything physical, nah. Not with me and her anyway. I’ve never seen Big strike her. I’ve overheard conversations…later, not during that time…when I came into the industry where it was a weird conversation I overheard that said when you have a female artist, there’s always someone that needs to have sex with that person to gain control over the female.

I felt like that was the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard and it was a conversation actually between Un and Big. So I guess they were debating who should have sexual control over the situation to garner control of the project, because towards the end of Kim’s project there were a lot of problems. So I would say other than that, no I’ve never seen anything. You and Kim were in the “Get Money” video together…you play Faith.

Charli Baltimore: That’s another thing I’d love to clear up, please, if we can. I’ve said this a zillion times and for some reason people just never listen…I was not playing Faith in that video. I’m a Philly girl. They dye their hair all different colors. I actually had blonde short hair at the time, and I’m a teenager. I’m a teenager, never been in a video…I’m not thinking if I have blonde hair I’m going to be perceived as Faith. That was not the intention. I would never as a woman, a self-respecting woman, portray another woman in a video. Unless we’re doing a movie and we’re doing some sort of biopic, I’d never portray Faith in a video.

I was portraying the person that Big was talking about in the song. It wasn’t Faith either, it was just a record. It was never directed towards Faith. If I had brown hair, they would have never said anything of the sort. Just to clarify that, Big told me, “Yo, before we do this video ma, please dye you hair back brown.” I’m a Philly girl, at the time I’m wearing weave, I’m like, “No n***a I done dyed my hair blonde, I’m not dying it back brown. I’m standing my ground with the blonde hair.”

If I would have known the repercussions that came behind me having this hair, and people saying I was dissing Faith or portraying her in any sense, I would have never done it. Big did definitely asked me to change my hair color. So no, as a self-respecting female, I would never portray another woman, especially someone’s wife in a video. I would never do that so I’d like to clear that up. That was never the case. I just so happened to coincidentally have blonde hair and that’s that.


It's Diva Speak TV: EP 40

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mae Day Talks About Cherish The Day


(NOTE: The Honors|Concert|Afterparty is SATURDAY MARCH 14 NOT March 12!)

The Honors|Concert|Afterparty will be March 14, 2009 @ Red's 1505 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC

The following will be participating in Women Of Hip Hop 2009:
Shanik "Neek" Mincie - Music & Mixshow Director Hot 103.9 FM WHXT, Programming Assistant The Big DM 101 FM WWDM (Columbia, SC)
Kim Ellis - KE Consulting (Atlanta, GA)
Dee Dee Cocheta - ABC Associates (Atlanta GA)
Tori Madras - The Midday Diva Soul 104.5 FM WCCG (Fayetteville, NC)
Deelyte - 102 Jamz FM WJMH (Greensboro, NC)
Kimani Anku - Can A Sista Rock A Mic/B Girl Manifesto (Washington, DC)
Glennisha Morgan - The Fembassy (Detroit, MI)
The (SIS)Tem - Female Hip Hop Collective (Los Angelos, CA)

Also Introducing The 2009 Women Of Hip Hop Honors|Concert|Afterparty DJ:
DJ SiVuPlay -- The Official DJ for Dereon By House of Dereon

Live Performance by Shelly B AKA Hollywood Shellz
AND more to be announced!
Hotel reservations for Women Of Hip Hop can be made at a special discount rate of $75 @
The Clarion Hotel
320 Hillsborough St
Raleigh, NC 27603-1786
When making reservations the following information is needed:
Group Name: Women Of Hip Hop
Group Number: 104990
Arrival Date: March 14, 2009
Departure Date: March 15, 2009
The cut off date for the special rate is Friday February 20, 2009.
For more information on having music featured during the radio special, sponsorship packages, performances for the concert, etc hit up OR
Male artists whose music honor women are encouraged to be a part of this event as well!
Be sure to join us on myspace!

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New Lady Sovereign Tour Dates

NEW YORK-Buy Tickets

CHICAGO-Buy Tickets

JANUARY 30 - THE ECHO, 1822 W.

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New Diva is a Hustla Freestyle

Click here to listen to the track.

Watch out because Amanda Diva is currently working on a new mixtape, titled Spandex, Rhymes & Soul, set for release March 3rd, featuring original production by Chuck Inglish (of The Cool Kids), Green Lantern, Droop-E, Jay Electronica and more. She is also hosting the second season of her Internet comedy show, "Diva Speak TV" (which she describes as a cross between Dave Chappelle and "The Colbert Report"), and is a commentator on VH1 network. She was recently announced as the new spokeswoman for Karma Loop TV and will be launching a new program called Diva, Diva Y'all on this month. Look out for her performance at SXSW in Austin, TX in March.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chuck D Begins Movement for More Females in Hip Hop

According to Legendary Public Enemy front man and activist Chuck D has set a 2009 resolution to rectify the marginalized representation of females in Hip-Hop culture. Chuck D argues that the lack of prominent women in Hip Hop is causing the culture to move backward and devalue many of progressive strides made by female pioneers in the 80s and 90s."In 09, my fighting the power is for women in Hip-Hop, especially groups, producers, songwriters, and label heads, " Chuck D told AllHipHop.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Nicki Minaj Sings Too

According to Nicki has added singing to her musical attributes. Nicki said, "This is an extremely exciting time for me and my music because I've decided that the business of music won't inhibit my passion for making music. Although rapping is what people have grown to know me for, I'm continuing to explore my talents as a singer and my love for writing music. Like me; my music is multi-faceted and is an evolutionary process. I am being highly sought after by both independent and major record labels, but I have not made a commitment as of yet. It is essential that I get the right deal not just a deal."

"I want to remain in control of my destiny and to have longevity in this business! Currently, I have new manager, Debra Antney, CEO of Mizay Entertainment, and I am in the studio recording my first album which will feature some R&B and pop songs. In addition, I am working on a new mixtape due out on Christmas. So watch out for me to do big
things and break out in '09."

Freestyle Friday is Back

It's been gone for a while but, Freestyle Friday is back baby!!!!
Check out Foxy's freestyle....

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Millionare's Girl's Club Mixtape Finally Released

Download it here.

Queen Pen Appeals For Tougher Domestic Violence Laws

According to All Hip Hop Queen Pen will host a press conference/rally on Friday January 16 to advocate tougher domestic violence legislation in New York. Last year, the state's Criminal Justice division released statistics supporting evidence that 55% of female homicides are due to a domestic issue. Last January Queen Pen was severely beaten and rendered unconscious in a home invasion incident with an ex boyfriend. The brutal beating resulted in the rapper nearly being killed and required reconstructive surgery. The ex-boyfriend and father of two of Queen Pen's children remains at large.....

Big ups to Queen Pen for her efforts. The event takes place January 16 at 4pm at The Denim Lounge which is located on 1223 Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn, NY.

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Chat Live Tonight w/ Rasheeda

Chat live tonight with Rasheeda at 8pm EST! You can do so by going to her Myspace Page and look for the KYTE video. Don't miss this opportunity to talk live with the official Georgia Peach!

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Official Home of the Femcees Announces Awards

Drum Roll...............


Looks like Nicki Minaj was getting it in..... Congrats to all of the winners.
Much Love to the Official Home of the Femcees

New Kin4Life

New Kin4Life album coming soon so be on the lookout! In the meantime check out this interview that was done a while back on the set of their video shoot for "Make Up Girl"

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mae Day Cherish The Day

In the mean time check out Hold On.

Women of Hip Hop Honors

Historically women have been a part of Hip Hop since it's beginning. Their contributions to the hip hop culture are innumerable and have helped make the art form and business model what it is today.

Despite this when observing hip hop from an outsiders viewpoint one would think women in the culture are nothing more than eye candy.
Acknowledging women's contributions to the Hip Hop culture have significantly reduced in mainstream media as well. VH1's 2008 Hip Hop Honors that did not "honor" any female artists. BET's 2008 Hip Hop Awards did not have a single female rapper nominated.

According to Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly the Recording Academy got rid of the Best Female Rap Solo Performance in 2005.
Although there are few mainstream female hip hop artists nationally recognized, there are numerous female artists on the independent and underground scene who are putting in work in their respective markets. In addition there are many women in the culture whose work behind the scenes make hip hop what it is today.
We acknowledge these women in hip hop whose contributions are essential to the culture. We recognize the work and countless hours you have put in to impact, shape and expand the hip hop culture, and recognize you at Women of Hip Hop Radio Show, Honors & Concert taking place March 12, 2009 at The Pourhouse Music Hall in downtown Raleigh.

Please contact us if you are able to attend Women of Hip Hop so we may honor in person what you have done for Hip Hop.

Nanci O

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Lady Twist Launches New Website

Check out Lady Twist's new website,