Friday, January 9, 2009

Nicki Minaj Sings Too

According to Nicki has added singing to her musical attributes. Nicki said, "This is an extremely exciting time for me and my music because I've decided that the business of music won't inhibit my passion for making music. Although rapping is what people have grown to know me for, I'm continuing to explore my talents as a singer and my love for writing music. Like me; my music is multi-faceted and is an evolutionary process. I am being highly sought after by both independent and major record labels, but I have not made a commitment as of yet. It is essential that I get the right deal not just a deal."

"I want to remain in control of my destiny and to have longevity in this business! Currently, I have new manager, Debra Antney, CEO of Mizay Entertainment, and I am in the studio recording my first album which will feature some R&B and pop songs. In addition, I am working on a new mixtape due out on Christmas. So watch out for me to do big
things and break out in '09."

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