Sunday, October 5, 2008

Baller Status Shows You Hip Hop's Hottest Underground Femcees

Be it lyrical porn, filthy lyrics, tall tales of sexual escapades, or shallow flows spit with overt masculinity, women's hip-hop has suffered greatly over the years ... and that's putting it mildly. Empowered women emcees from previous eras, such as MC Lyte or Salt-N-Pepa, are clearly not the inspiration for many of today's young female hip-hop artists. Aside from the common arguments that female emcees are overtly masculine or overly sexual (an argument some people could make about rap music in general), the issue many have with female emcees is that they are often unheard of or overlooked -- the enlightened ones that is. So the question remains, why is it that super dope female emcees, the ones who rap about real issues and "get political" or "spiritual", the ones who go in hard, without resorting to looking like dudes or oversexed hookers, remain either unheard of or unappreciated by the masses, and forever are labeled "underground?"......(Read The Rest Here).

I'm definitely glad that they named my girls Deev and M.I.A.! I love those two! I think they definitely forgot a few others like Lady Luck and Mae Day, but, it's all good.

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