Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Letter To K-Swift

It seems as if yesterday I was that sophomore rushing to class or sometimes even roaming the halls at Randallstown High School after transferring from Baltimore School for the Arts.

The year was 1995 and though I remember not being too keen on going to a “regular” school. Although I was highly impressed that my new school had an in house broadcasting network, which offered its own morning news, as well as music entertainment.

Impressive, but no Baltimore School for the Arts…

But it was there that I first heard your music; K-Swift’s music.

I grew up listening to Baltimore House music naturally being from Baltimore, however you were the first female DJ I had ever seen in this particular genre of music, let alone any female DJs period.

From us coming of age in high school, me listening to you on the air, along with your music, and later on being SO proud that someone from Baltimore stayed in our city and was doing positive things.

I left the country, I came back, I left once again domestically, and finally came back, and you were STILL there…

I remember belting out your song, “HEEEEEEEEEY you knuckleheads,” back in the mid to late 90’s and being so proud that my hood, and a few other hoods that I have peoples in were shouted out. Your song is still a Baltimore classic until this day, but I sure you knew it was going to be a hit when you penned it.

At your funeral Baltimore showed you so much love. Everyone from top to bottom attended, just to wish you well. From grandmothers, to arm-babies, to ex-mayors of Baltimore, to the current governor of Maryland, to old classmates like myself, to other DJs in the struggle. The line to attend your services from Thursday through Saturdays were stretched and wrapped well around the sidewalks, buildings, and parking lots. Though more than half of us in line could not attend your funeral due to fire code regulations, we stayed for the duration of the service just hoping to at least get an obituary as a keepsake. We even stayed after your procession, just to keep the spirit of celebrating your transition and preserving your memorial.

K-Swift I want you to know, you are an inspiration not only to those girls that want to be DJs, but also to little girls and women like myself.

Thank you for holding OUR city of Baltimore down.

Rest in Peace Baby Girl, you will TRULY be missed.

Divine Love,

Chimere L. Becote

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